Maine Trailer Laws & Trailer Regulations

Maine's laws and regulations for trailers are listed below:


Maine Trailer Brake Laws

A trailer less than 3,000 lbs. gross weight is not required to have brakes.

A trailer with a gross weight of 3,000 lbs. or greater is required to have adequate brakes acting on all wheels of all axles.



Maine Trailer Dimension Laws

Total length: 65 feet; trailer length: 48 feet; width: 102 inches (mirrors are permitted to extend beyond the total outside width of vehicle); height: 13 feet 6 inches. 



Maine Trailer Hitch and Signal Laws

Safety chains or steel cable must be made of wire that measures at least 1/4 inch in thickness. 



Maine Trailer Lighting Laws

On a vehicle 7 feet wide or wider, all rear lights, reflectors, and signal lights must be within 12 inches of the extreme extension of the vehicle, except for trailers with lights, reflectors, and signals installed by the manufacturer.

A trailer that is wider than the vehicle towing it must have reflective material or a lamp on each front corner visible to oncoming traffic.



Maine Trailer Mirror Laws

A person may not operate a vehicle so constructed, equipped, loaded, or used that the driver is prevented from having a constantly free and unobstructed view of the way immediately to the rear, unless there is attached a mirror or reflector placed and adjusted to afford the driver a clear, reflected view of the highway to the rear of the vehicle for a distance of at least 200 feet.



Maine Trailer Speed Limit Laws

As posted.



Maine Trailer Towing Laws

Only 1 trailer or semitrailer may be pulled by a motor vehicle with exception of a truck tractor, semitrailer, and full trailer on the interstate highway system.

Maximum of 1 boat or general/utility trailer may be towed behind passenger or pleasure vehicle; total length of both not to exceed 65 feet. 



Other Maine Trailer Laws

Riding in towed trailer is prohibited.  






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