Missouri Trailer Laws & Trailer Regulations

Missouri's laws and regulations for trailers are listed below:


Missouri Trailer Brake Laws

Independent braking system not required except on trailers coupled by a 5th-wheel and kingpin. 



Missouri Trailer Dimension Laws

Total length: 55 feet (65 feet vehicle combinations are allowed on certain roads); trailer length: not specified; width: 96 inches (a width of 102 inches is allowed on certain roads); height: 14 feet (some roads have a 13 foot 6 inch height limit). 



Missouri Trailer Hitch and Signal Laws

Safety chains or an equivalent device are required in addition to the primary coupling device, except for 5th-wheel or gooseneck-type vehicles.



Missouri Trailer Lighting Laws

Each trailer must display on the rear 2 red taillights, 2 red reflectors, and a white license plate light. The reflectors may be incorporated in the taillights.

Turn signal lights and brake lights are required if visible signals cannot be given by arm and hand; or when the distance from the center of the top of the steering post to the left outside limit of the body, cab, or load exceeds 24 inches; or when the distance from the top of the steering post to the rear limit of the body or load exceeds 14 feet.



Missouri Trailer Mirror Laws

All motor vehicles, which are so constructed or loaded that the operator cannot see the road behind such vehicle by looking back or around the side of such vehicle, shall be equipped with a mirror so adjusted as to reveal the road behind and be visible from the operator’s seat. 



Missouri Trailer Speed Limit Laws

Same as for passenger cars/trucks.



Missouri Trailer Towing Laws







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