New Jersey Trailer Laws & Trailer Regulations

New Jersey's laws and regulations for trailers are listed below:


New Jersey Trailer Brake Laws

Every trailer and semitrailer must have brakes that can be automatically applied upon break-away from the towing vehicle, and means shall be provided to stop and hold the vehicle for an adequate period of time.

In any combination of motor vehicles, means shall be provided for applying the trailer or semitrailer brakes in approximate synchronism with the brakes on the towing vehicles and creating the required braking effort on the wheels of the rear-most vehicle at the fastest rate, or means shall be provided for applying the braking effort first on the rearmost vehicle equipped with brakes. 

Brakes are required on all wheels for all trailers or semitrailers with a gross weight over 3,000 pounds; provided. The gross weight of any such trailer without brakes shall not exceed 40% of the gross weight of the towing vehicle.



New Jersey Trailer Dimension Laws

Total length: 53 feet; trailer length: 40 feet; width: 102 inches (excludes devices or appurtenances related to safe and efficient operation of vehicle; certain appurtenances may extend up to 3 inches on each side of the vehicle); height: 13 feet 6 inches. 



New Jersey Trailer Hitch and Signal Laws

Trailers shall be connected to the towing vehicle by at least 1 chain or cable, in addition to the hitch bar, of sufficient strength to hold the trailer on a hill if the hitching bar becomes disconnected, or be provided with an adequate device to prevent its rolling backward. 



New Jersey Trailer Lighting Laws

Every trailer or semitrailer must be equipped on the rear with 2 tail lamps, 2 stop lamps, 2 turn signals, and 2 reflectors, 1 of each at each side.



New Jersey Trailer Mirror Laws

No person shall drive a vehicle that is so constructed, loaded, or covered that the driver does not have a clear view of the traffic following and at its sides, unless the vehicle is equipped with a device that will show the road to the rear and side. 



New Jersey Trailer Speed Limit Laws

As posted.



New Jersey Trailer Towing Laws

Maximum of 1 boat or general utility trailer may be towed behind passenger or pleasure vehicle. Total length of both not to exceed 62 feet. 






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