North Dakota Trailer Laws & Trailer Regulations

North Dakota's laws and regulations for trailers are listed below:


North Dakota Trailer Brake Laws

Every trailer operated at a speed in excess of 25 mph must have safety chains or brakes adequate to control the movement of and to stop and to hold such vehicle. The safety chains or brakes must be designed so that they can be applied by the driver of the towing vehicle from its cab, and must be designed and connected so that in case of an accidental breakaway the brakes are automatically applied. 



North Dakota Trailer Dimension Laws

Any trailer, semitrailer, or farm trailer with a gross weight, not including the towing vehicle, not exceeding 1,500 lbs., and not used for hire or commercial use; or when used to transport recreational vehicles or boats and is not for hire or commercial use, is exempt from registration. All other trailers, semitrailers, or farm trailers must be registered annually with the DOT.

Total length: 75 feet (includes bumpers); trailer length: 53 feet (unless registered in the state before July 1, 1987 and includes bumpers); width: 8 1/2 feet (an appurtenance may extend beyond the body of the vehicle no more than 6 inches); height: 14 feet.



North Dakota Trailer Hitch and Signal Laws

The drawbar or other coupling device between vehicles, one of which is towing the other, must include safety chains connecting the vehicles. The drawbar, coupling device, and safety chains must be of a design, strength, and construction so as to prevent the unintentional uncoupling of the vehicles. 



North Dakota Trailer Lighting Laws

Taillights, brake lights, license plate lights, turn signals, and reflectors are required.



North Dakota Trailer Mirror Laws

Every vehicle, operated singly or when towing any other vehicle, must have a mirror located to reflect to the driver a view of the highway for a distance of at least 200 feet to the rear of the vehicle. 



North Dakota Trailer Speed Limit Laws

Rural interstate, 75 mph; non-interstate multilane highways, 70 mph; 2-lane highways, 65 mph, if posted. If not posted, 55 mph. 



North Dakota Trailer Towing Laws







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