Ohio Trailer Laws & Trailer Regulations

Ohio's laws and regulations for trailers are listed below:


Ohio Trailer Brake Laws

Brakes are required if the trailer has an empty weight of over 2,000 lbs. 



Ohio Trailer Dimension Laws

The original owner of any trailer weighing 4,000 lbs. or less and used exclusively for non-commercial purposes shall, upon application for initial registration, obtain and present such evidence of the trailer’s weight as the registrar may require. Total length: 65 feet; trailer length: 40 feet; width: 102 inches; height: 13 feet 6 inches. 



Ohio Trailer Hitch and Signal Laws

When 1 vehicle is towing another vehicle, the drawbar or other connection may not exceed 15 feet from 1 vehicle to the other.

When the connection consists only of a chain, rope, or cable, there shall be displayed upon such connection a white flag or cloth not less than 12 inches square.

In addition to a drawbar or other connection, each trailer and each semitrailer which is not connected to a commercial tractor by means of a 5th wheel shall be coupled with stay chains or cables to the vehicle by which it is being drawn.

Every trailer or semitrailer shall be equipped with a coupling device, which shall be so designed and constructed that the trailer will follow substantially in the path of the vehicle drawing it, without whipping or swerving from side to side.



Ohio Trailer Lighting Laws

Trailers must carry, either as part of the tail lamps or separately, 2 red reflectors.

Trailers must be equipped with at least 1 red tail lamp visible from 500 feet to the rear and a white light to illuminate the license plate and render it visible from at least 50 feet from the rear.

Trailers must be equipped with at least 2 stoplights, visible from 500 feet to the rear.



Ohio Trailer Mirror Laws

A left rearview mirror is required. 



Ohio Trailer Speed Limit Laws

55 mph is the maximum speed for any vehicle or vehicle combination that weighs over 8,000 lbs. 



Ohio Trailer Towing Laws




Other Ohio Trailer Laws

Riding in a travel trailer or non-self-propelled manufactured home is prohibited. Riding in a pickup camper is permitted.  






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