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Trailer Financing FAQ Trailer Financing - Frequently Asked Questions

Most Common Questions About Our Financing

Why use to apply for financing? preferred lenders regularly finance all types of trailers, everyday. Our preferred lenders receive finance applications from everyday and we have a regular communication with key contacts within those lending institutions. Sometimes we are able to get an application approved where as the application was declined through the applicant's local financial institution.

What are your interest rates and terms?
The rate and term for each loan will vary from lender to lender and it is impossible to quote a standard rate. Rates can range anywhere from 5% (excellent credit) to 18.95% (sub-prime credit) depending on your credit application. The term, depending on credit history and loan amount can range from 24 months to 180 months.

How do I apply for financing?
Complete our secure trailer finance application online. The online application is secure using 128-bit secure layer encryption, and can be verified by viewing the "lock" in your browser's address bar.

How much does it cost to apply for financing?
It does not cost anything to apply for financing. There is no application fee and no commitment from you. If you would like to apply for financing, you may do so at no obligation.

How does the approval process work?
Once your application is received, we will pass it along to our lenders. They will pull your credit report and contact us to discuss the application. Once all of the information on the application is correctly verified, we will contact you with any approval offers. Good credit applicants can expect a pre-approval within 30 minutes, while sub-prime applicants should expect considerably longer depending on the stipulations required by the lender.

How does the funding process work?
Most lenders we work with will fund your loan from original copies of your finance contract. Once you receive the finance contract and paperwork from us; simply fill it out and return the original copies completed and signed. Once the original signed paperwork has been received your loan will be funded within 24-48 hours.

Who gets the title when I use financing?
The title work is prepared exactly like a cash sale. The only difference is the MSO or title has the lien holder (bank) listed at the bottom and the title application (where applicable) also has the lien holder recorded on it. All lenders require photo copies of these documents for funding. will send the title directly to the lien folder (bank).

What types of trailers (collateral) are eligible for financing?
Any new and used trailers listed for sale on are eligible for financing.

How long does it take to get a decision after applying?
Good credit applicants can expect a pre-approval within 30 minutes, while sub-prime applicants should expect considerably longer. This simply depends on the stipulations required by the lender.

Are your lenders reputable?
Yes, all of our lenders have been in business for more than 40 years and have provided specialized trailer financing since 1997. Our lenders are able to finance in all continental 48 states and have a 71% overall approval success rate.

Is it safe to apply for financing on the Internet?
Yes, the secure online applications found on are encrypted with 128-Bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate verified by a third-party company. We do not store any finance application data on the Internet.

What is the maximum amount that can be financed?
You are able finance any trailer that is offered for sale on regardless of the sale price. When applying, please submit the amount that your sales person recommends based on what you are shopping for.

How long of a term can I get financing for?
The term, depending on credit history and loan amount can range from 24 months to 180 months.

What is the percent of people who are approved for financing?
Our lenders have an overall approval success rate of 71%. Apply today!

What is the minimum credit score required for approval?
The minimum credit score required for financing varies from applicant to applicant because more than one factor is taken into consideration. For example, your credit history, the loan amount, your credit score, your income, and your current debit ratio are a few of the things that are taken into consideration. Our lenders have stated that they will consider credit scores as low as 530.

Does it matter if there is a bankruptcy on my credit history?
Some of our lenders will consider applicants with a bankruptcy on their credit history. Applicants are encouraged to apply for financing to see what the best possible rate and terms they may be able to obtain from our lenders.

Is there a penalty if I pay my loan off early?
Most lenders that we work with do not charge a early pay off penalty. If there is a pre-payment penalty, you will be made aware of it in your finance contract.

How long does it take to find out if I am approved?
Most applicants will find out their approval status in the same business day. If additional verification or paperwork is required to meet approval requirements, in rare cases, it could go through the next business day, but the delay is usually very minimal.

What happens if I am denied financing?
If your finance application is declined, you can have the option of re-submitting a finance application with a co-signer. If that application is also declined, then you always have the option of purchasing the trailer using any major credit card or going to your local bank to apply for financing. You are not required to use an official lender to obtain financing. If you obtain outside financing, please give the lender your contact's information, which can provide them with the purchase details. (Link: Apply using a Joint Application)

Can I have a co-signer with good credit to help me get approved?
Yes. The joint finance application can be completed online, click here.

What information is needed to apply for financing?
Our finance application is a universal application for all of our lenders. To keep our finance application as quick and easy as possible we only ask information that is required by our lenders for their approval process. Once your application has been submitted to us, we send it to our preferred lenders for approval. If you do not complete the finance application in-full your application will not be send to our lenders because it will be automatically declined for lack of required information to process the application.

Do you offer GAP insurance?
Yes. When you get your finance contract you will have the option to purchase the GAP insurance add-on product. GAP insurance stands for Guaranteed Asset Protection. GAP insurance is used when the balance of your loan is greater than the cash value that your insurance company assigns to your trailer in the event that your trailer is damaged, stolen or deemed a total loss. GAP insurance will pay the "gap" between the cash value assigned by your insurance company and the loan amount so that you are not responsible for paying the difference that is owed to the loan company.

Can I sign-up for automatic payment draft when I get financed?
Yes. All of our lenders prefer you to setup automatic draft and a couple of lenders require that you setup automatic draft for your payment. When you receive your finance approval, if required, the it will be apart of the conditions listed. If it is not required, it is still an convenience option that you may setup at no-additional cost.




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